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Choose Life Counselling Auckland

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  Welcome to Choose Life Counselling Auckland



Be empowered to make the positive changes that you want in your life and to deal with the root cause of your issues so that you are able to move forward confidently with your life, work and relationships again. Gain freeing insights, learn helpful new skills if needed, and recover and get closure from painful experiences in a safe, confidential place, with the support of an effective, experienced and compassionate counsellor who has been counselling for 16 years on the North Shore Auckland.

* Professional, confidential counselling services supported by clients testimonials for a wide range of issues including Grief, Loss, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Abuse (not sexual abuse), Anger management, Change, Childhood and Relationship issues - see full list on Services page

*  To get help to have a better life... call Lynette today on 021 422 400 to make a confidential appointment or to discuss your counselling needs.


* Counselling office 1 minute from Silverdale shopping Mall and Millwater motorway exit.


Choose life ... a better life

Choose a better quality of life 


 +   gain healing from painful experiences

 +   achieve restored emotional balance

 +   deal with the root cause of your issues 

 +   find the way forward if feeling stuck

 +   be equipped with helpful new skills

 +   understand yourself and others better

 +   learn how to be kinder to yourself

 +   improve your relationships 

 +   grow in self confidence and self esteem

 +   gain new hope and vision for your life

 +   move forward with your life with confidence

Make your choice to have a better life today - Call Lynette today on 021 422 400 to make your appointment or to discuss your counselling needs.

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 If you feel depressed, stressed or anxious about the future, take your first step forward today . . .

 Call Lynette today to get help on 021 422 400


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Do you feel stressed or battered

                         by life's storms?


           Call Lynette today on 021 422 400


Client Testimonial:

"After many years of battling with grief due to the death of my parents, and having tried 2 other counsellors, my confidence in the counselling process had become somewhat diminished. Thankfully this was fully restored after meeting with Lynette for a course of sessions. I found Lynette's professional and approachable attitude very comfortable to be around which allowed me to open up on a level I had previously been unable to. Our work on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was invaluable to my healing process and as a subsequence, with Lynette's help, I have been able to find that natural state of equilibrium I had been searching for. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much these sessions changed my life in the way I think and deal with situations. I would, without doubt, highly recommend Lynette to anyone who is wanting to find balance and happiness in their life."  Female, PA

Client Testimonial:

"I can highly recommend Lynette as a counsellor. I was the type of person who never thought I could go to counselling but Lynette is very warm and caring and soon put me at ease. She is very easy to talk to and I soon found myself opening up. I got to a point in life where I just felt stuck and completely overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. It really helped having someone to talk to and that had the skills to be able to help me work through things. She has helped immensely and now I feel I can move on in life with tools to help me to better cope with life’s stressors."  Sarah, P.A. female*

*More full testimonials available on Testimonial Page

Counselling to help you to have a better quality of life 

Are you experiencing...


  • You are not coping as well as usual?

  • Your normal emotional balance is "out"?

  • Disturbed or restless sleep?

  • Feeling unusually stressed or anxious?

  • Feeling angry a lot of the time?

  • Low mood, continual sadness, crying episodes?

  • A deep sense of grief or loss?

  • Continual feelings of guilt or regret? 

  • Anxious or negative thoughts?

  • Difficulty concentrating on tasks?

  • Your usual level of confidence has gone?

  • Feeling alone . . . or misunderstood?

  • Withdrawing socially? 

  • Feeling stuck or you can't find the way forward?

  • You feel you need to talk about your concerns?

 It is wise not to ignore any of the warning signs, and to get help and support for the difficulties we are experiencing in our lives early on, so that they don't escalate in severity. 





Get your life 

back today !


Call Lynette today on  021 422 400



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About Counselling with Lynette


Lynette, as an experienced and qualified, professional counsellor offers you counselling for a wide range of issues, where you will be listened to and understood. She is an attentive and compassionate listener, who is passionate about providing a safe, non judgemental place  to help you to process and work through whatever issues that you bring to counselling, and to achieve your goals, so that you can move forward confidently with your life, work and relationships again with increased wellbeing. She is a full member of NZCCA, a professional counsellors association. Her relational approach to clients and others alike is one of respect, unconditional positive regard and acceptance.

Lynette Minogue, Grad.Dip.C.C.,Dip.Min.,MNZCCA



photo of Lynette Minogue Counsellor at Choose Life Counselling Auckland
                Lynette Minogue


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Take your first step forward to a better life today...


Call Lynette today to talk to her about your counselling needs or to make an appointment on  

Mobile:  021 422 400  

Email: Below on the Contact Form or Contact page


The Choose Life Counselling Office address is now  situated at 177 Bonair Crescent, Millwater, Auckland. Choose Life Counselling office moved from Woodall Place, Totara Vale, North Shore in June 2021.


Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm, and Saturdays by appointment


Counselling Fees: $100 per hour or 1 hour session. There is no extra charge for GST. 

Full time Students: $90 per hour or 1 hour session


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Client Testimonial:

“Lynette is a patient, kind and selfless listener. By helping me to reflect clearly on this painful time in my life, in particular the sudden death of my sister, she helped me to see the value in knowing the truth about what really happened, allowing me closure on a period of my life that haunted me for two decades. Working with Lynette has allowed me to move forward with my life in ways I would not have expected, and I continue to recommend her services highly." Manager, male



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Client Testimonial:

"Lynette helped me to work through hurt and anger caused by the behaviour of a family member. That relationship, I'm thrilled to say, has been mended and is better than ever. Her calm and caring manner always put me at ease. She was easy to talk to, very supportive and I always felt more empowered when I left our sessions. I recommend Lynette very highly to anyone looking to see a counsellor." Female, 30's



Choose Life Counselling does not offer a 24 hour crisis service.  In the event of an after hours crisis call Lifeline :  0800173 7173 or view their website: or in an emergency call 111

Client Testimonial:

"I met with Lynette due to a 'perfect storm' of circumstances: my mother had been diagnosed with dementia, I had been suffering stress-related health issues, and I was feeling very overwhelmed. Lynette was absolutely wonderful. She has a very practical and proactive approach and gave me the tools and advice to cope with my situation and feel so much more confident about everything. She literally 'took a weight off my mind' and I would recommend her to anyone. Don't wait until nagging issues become insurmountable. Go and see Lynette and nip them in the bud."  August 2018

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