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Lynette's Counselling Approach at Choose Life Counselling Auckland


Lynette’s counselling approach is eclectic and integrated. This means that she draws from a wide range of counselling modalities, including CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, person-centred, solution-focused, psychodynamic, Insight Focussed Therapy, Gestalt therapy, and counselling models designed especially for particular issues such as depression, anxiety, crisis, trauma, grief and loss, using whatever best suits your unique and individual needs.


Lynette is an attentive, caring and compassionate listener.  She is passionate about empowering her clients and will work alongside you on your journey, offering you any help, skills, support or encouragement that you need as you work through whatever issues that you bring to counselling.  Her approach is to facilitate and empower her clients on their journey to achieve the goals that they bring to counselling, and this may include their sense of personal wholeness or balance being restored,  so that they experience a new place of freedom and renewed hope for a better future.


Lynette’s counselling approach helps you to gain self-awareness and understanding about your life, relationships and the issues that you bring to counselling. When appropriate, she will offer to teach you new skills that will empower you, so that you have the quality of life and relationships that you have desired and dreamt about ... so that you have a better life.


She is passionate about helping her clients to come into a new place of wholeness and freedom from negative or distressing thoughts or behaviours, hurts, or painful and challenging life experiences,  and helping them to gain new hope and vision for a better future.


Lynette Minogue, Grad.Dip.C.C,Dip.Min,MNZCCA
Choose Life Counselling Services





Client testimonial:

 "A few sessions with Lynette helped me restore my faith in myself, and to see issues from a less personal and more objective viewpoint. "




Lynette Minogue

            Lynette Minogue




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The Choose Life Counselling office is located at 177 Bonair Crescent, Millwater, Silverdale Auckland, 1 minute from Silverdale Mall and Millwater Motorway exit.

Client Testimonial:

“Occasionally you meet someone who is truly dedicated and naturally talented in their vocation, Lynette is one of these people. "

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